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According to studies, more than half of the male population faces the problem of poor erection. In this situation, you can use the drugs bought on the website A single answer to the question of why this happens until there is no, but a number of reasons contributing to the development of problems with potency still exist. The main ones are:

  • Changes in the composition of the blood: it becomes denser due to an increase in cholesterol, which leads to malfunctions in the blood vessels that feed the penis. 
  • A decrease in the elasticity of vascular tissue and deterioration of the contractility of the heart muscle.
  • Deterioration of blood supply to the brain, reduced speed of reaction to stimuli. 
  • Reduced elasticity of muscles and tendons. This is also a consequence of the deterioration of the blood supply. As a result, the man can not have sexual relations.
  • Psychological disorders.
  • Emotional overload, health problems, lack of movement and poor nutrition lead to these troubles. Special medications can help you eliminate the problem quickly and quite effectively, but there are some causes that you should study.


When sexual stimulation in response to intended action causes stronger inhibitory erection signals, we can talk about the psychological causes of erectile dysfunction. Stress is the first thing that provokes such disorders, it not only causes emotional discomfort but can also lead to serious diseases. This is why in some cases it is necessary to buy Viagra as a means of treatment.  

Sedentary lifestyle

Sport is an effective method of improving an erection, which normalizes the work of the heart and blood vessels, increases the level of endorphins – the substances responsible for the feeling of joy, helps to reduce weight. But its absence gives quite the opposite effect. Sedentary lifestyle not only leads to many diseases and overweight, but also significantly reduces testosterone levels. To increase potency, moderate physical activity is prescribed along with Levitra or Viagra.

Bad habits

Alcohol, smoking and drugs are the main enemies of healthy potency. An erection is a totally vascular process and any disturbance of their state leads to a decrease in sexual functions. Smoking provokes spasm of penile blood vessels while alcohol and narcotic drugs work on some parts of the brain and blunt the sensitivity and activity of the whole organism, including potency.


Obesity is now officially recognized as one of the serious diseases that lead to the malfunction of many body systems. An excess of fatty tissue leads to high blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels, which can have a negative effect on reproductive functions. But most importantly, fatty deposits produce leptin, a hormone that in increased doses provokes a decrease in testosterone production. Because in obesity there are too high levels of leptin, hence the decrease in sexual function.

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