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Other than on-page SEO, one major factor helps determine how you will rank against the competition in search engines. This factor, simply put, is the links you have pointing to your website. With the way search engines currently operate, each page that links to you essentially counts as a vote for your site. Because the votes that some pages give you have more weight than others do, it is important that you have a decent quantity of links with each link having some quality of its own. A great way to get a lot of high-quality links is througharticle submission.

Article submission is an important part of SEO framework. It is necessary for every article submitted to the directories that it gets incoming link to the focus website so that at the end the purpose of search engine optimization is fulfilled. Initially for the articles to get positive feedback it must contain proper keywords so that during search on any search engine like Google it does make its appearance easily. Accordingly the links can be established to the parent website and will get the maximum number traffic hits at a given point of time. Today article or content writing has emerged out as a successful and profitable business and in this respect many companies are joining the queue. This SEO work is so rapidly growing that once it starts getting traffic it needs to be worked on constantly.

Quality Content”, that’s what is needed in your articles to attract more users to your website. But the big question is how exactly does it work? In an article submission, the content related to your product is placed on various article directories. Following this, the users are then able to read that content on your site. The articles are then published and hyperlinks generated allowing search engines to use their algorithms to work out the exact position of the website in the search results. Subsequently, you can increase the chances of your article getting syndicated by going through the article submission process over and over again.

Benefits of Article Submission:

  • Building Backlink for your website
  • Getting Contextual link for your website from keyword you are targeting
  • Help in improving brand presence of your website if write properly
  • Generating traffic for your website
  • Improvement of your website ranking on Search Engine

The Importance of Article Submission for SEO can be summarized as follows:

  • Article submission done on a consistent basis ensures a steady flow of back links to your website. It is sure to be an important cog in the wheel of your marketing campaign.
  • Article submission helps to label your website as an authority website and helps to build your brand credibility in the market.
  • Search engines love links coming from web pages which are content-rich. Article submission opens the door for search engine ranking.
  • Article submission lures visitors to your website which can never be achieved through traditional internet marketing tools. Traffic gained through article submission is highly result oriented and targeted.
  • Article submission is a powerful method of getting quality incoming links to your website. It is an easy way to build links and costs almost nothing.
  • Article submission is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Article submission is considered as one of the main parts in the link building process by nearly every search engine marketer worth his reputation.
  • Article submission helps to achieve lifetime links for your website.

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