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A few decades ago to play roulette or poker was only possible in land-based casinos. In addition, it was allowed to play only for money. Modern players can play slot machines for free or for money, which depends on them. They can run slots in online casinos from the rating, choose their own bets and try hundreds of slots. But how did the most popular gambling games originate?

History of the emergence of slot machines

About a century ago the first slot machine was created. New York company Sittman and Pitt introduced the world to the machine with five reels, which rotated card symbols. Players threw a coin in a special hole and pressed the lever, after which the rotation occurred. Winning combinations could be exchanged for drinks or food. But the slot machine in the familiar form was developed by mechanic Charles Fey. The screen of his machine had 5 reels, on which rotated the symbols of cards, bells, and horseshoes. This was also the first time the payout mechanism was introduced, so players could get real money for combinations.

On the principle of this machine were created all subsequent machines, many of which have gained popularity online. For example, the manufacturers of classic slot machines Monkey, Strawberry, and other games have moved to online casinos, preserving their functionality and design. But here are newer, such as slot Aloha, attracting a wide variety of features, bonus features, and non-standard arrangement of reels.

History of poker

The game became popular in the early 19th century when ordinary people in the United States began to actively play it. But British researcher David Parlett believes that poker first appeared in England in 1874. At that time even players tried to learn to read the opponent’s facial emotions in order to predict the next move.

History of Blackjack

The predecessor of this game was “Twenty-One.” Notably, the pastime is mentioned as far back as Miguel de Cervantes’ novel in the story of Don Quixote. Blackjack itself became a game of chance in the United States. There, casinos offered bonuses for the combination of the Ace of Spades and blackjack.

History of roulette

It is a French pastime that appeared in the 18th century. It is believed that the mathematician Blaise Pascal was the first to introduce the simplest version of roulette, and then it was improved. In Paris, roulette has been popular since 1796, and locals prefer the classic version of the game to this day. In other countries, several variations of roulette have appeared, including American roulette, no zero, Vip roulette.

Best New Year slots

  • Merry Christmas. Slot machine impressive large selection of bonus options, which are hidden in the bag of Santa Claus. Each spin brings a certain surprise, such as free spins, extra games, and multipliers. The subject matter is very festive and fun, there are carefully chosen not only graphics but also the music.
  • Happy Holiday. A magical online slot will offer you to collect Christmas socks with gifts, each of which has its own surprise. You will also meet Santa Claus and help him decorate the tree. Everything is very mysterious, beautiful, and festive.
  • Secrets of Christmas. Animated slot machine like the original symbolism. Here, even the playing cards are decorated with Christmas wreaths, and candles and jingle bells offer extra bonuses.
  • Santa Surprise. The slot machine has a lot of surprises, which the player will open one by one. A variety bonus system and a large number of surprises will appeal to players. Interestingly, the winnings in the slot can be multiplied by three.

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