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Surely each of the users and players of Counter Strike asked themselves the following question – why is the game so popular around the world? Like any fact, there are many versions, and most likely the following opinions are the main ones.

  • Players who have tried earlier versions of Counter Strike, felt the team, gameplay, which they really liked and actually stayed to develop their experience in this game.
  • Opinion of users: it is the world’s first simple shooter that does not require much experience in computer games to start playing.
  • A lot of money was invested in the game, and by this, I guess, the creators emphasized the overall reputation of their company.
  • Most Internet users prefer to download and play online games where you compete not with artificial intelligence, but with real people, proving their strength in experience.
  • Open a lot of opportunities for administration, which often greatly improves the process of the game on the servers. By the way, thanks to this, you can earn by selling administrative rights on your own game server.
  • The game is installed as standard in designated gaming places, such as Gaming Clubs. It is there to gather fans of the game, play for a bet, trying to show who is better.
  • A very important part – the simplicity of the game. Thanks to the simple characteristics, requirements and features of the game and became popular among users of the Internet and networks.
  • A very high attendance of young players, which actually also increases the popularity of the game, as young people on the Internet the most.
  • The ability to change the basic details of the game, such as “Player Models”, “Plugins”, and so on. Did not miss to add the ability to change the various sounds of the game and voice overs. For example, you can use

Counter-Strike – a simple game

Well, in general, figured out, the main advantage of the popularity of the game CS:GO is the following important quality – simplicity. It is because of this developers have been successful, creating a very compact version, for almost any computer since the 90’s. The atmosphere of a friendly game, and sometimes not so much – it’s all ours with you simple, loved by all Counter Strike. It is thanks to this game, Internet users earn their own sites themed Counter Strike. 

Standard model of players in CS:GO

Developers game Counter-Strike offer you to choose one of the standard models at the beginning of the game (standard cs steam player models). They vary in race and nationality, so you’ll have to rely on your taste and performance. If you replace them – the game will show you only the player models you have set. But you can replace not only your opponents and allies, but also the hostages that need to be saved, playing for the special forces, that is the main task of the next round.

Different types of gaming portals offer you not only to set the models from your face, but also change the structure of some parts of the player. This means that you can change not only the surrounding players, but also, for example, the very hands of your own fighter. As standard, they are completely naked, while wearing gloves. Their color can be changed by learning the basic rules of Photoshop, or you can use the easiest way – downloading, installing ready-made models. 

In addition, you have the opportunity to change the model of arms, while changing not only its appearance according to the beauty, color, shape, but also the sight of all possible sniper rifles, as well as – install these very sights on the other types of weapons, which is almost unrealistic, having seen in real life. You can do this using the website

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